How much can I win at LottoPawa

You can win BIG with Lottopawa! And with 8 ways to win across 8 different prize tiers, everyone can be a winner. The sequence of the numbers on your ticket is not important!
Here are the different prize tiers:
Prize Tiers Matching Numbers Probability of winning Prize Amount
match 6 main numbers plus Pawa number (*)
(*) Ksh 200,000,000
match 6 main numbers (*)
(*) Ksh 20,000,000
match 5 main numbers plus Pawa number
Ksh 1,000,000
match 5 main numbers
60, 223
Ksh 200,000
match 4 main numbers plus Pawa number
Ksh 15,000
match 4 main numbers
Ksh 2,000
match 3 main numbers
Ksh 200
match 2 main numbers plus Pawa number
Ksh 200



(*) In case there should be multiple winners in tier one and/or tier two in the same draw, the prizes for the tier will be divided equally between the winners

A quick word about taxes on lottery winnings… it’s on us!

Under Kenyan law, all lottery winnings are subject to a withholding tax of 25%. That means that the lottery operator (us) must take 20% out of every win and pay it to the KRA, and only the remaining 80% will be paid out to the winners.

At LottoPawa, you’ll be excited to know that we have decided that we will cover the 25% withholding tax for ALL smaller winners (i.e. for winnings lower than KSH 20 million).It means that, unless you win one of the top two prizes (can you imagine!?), you will get the full prize and we pay the tax for you.

Only if a player wins the first-tier prize of KSH 200 million, or the second-tier prize of KSH 20 million, we will have to deduct the withholding tax of 20% first, and pay the rest to the customer. That’s just how it is… but we imagine you’ll have more luxurious things to bother yourself with!

The withholding tax is the only tax on lottery wins. You will not have to pay any additional income taxes on a lottery win – so you can take your bundles of cash and spend it just how you please! If your ticket has won a prize, the way you receive your win will depend on the amount you have won.

Yey! I have won an amount of up to KSH 1,000.00

Easy-peasy – the prize will be immediately credit into your LottoPawa account. You can either leave it there and use it to buy more tickets, or you can withdraw it to your M-PESA account. Simply log in to your customer account at LottoPawa, and click the “Withdraw” button. Please be advised that M-PESA (NOT us) may charge a fee for that withdrawal, so you may not receive the full amount in your M-PESA account.

Wowsers! I have won KSH 1,000.00 or more

In this case, our support team will call you and ask you how you would like to get paid. Stay cool, you will get your money very quickly though! It’s all good…the reason why we do it like this is that we want to help you to get your winnings with as little transfer fees involved as possible.
1. If you have a bank account, then we would suggest that you choose to receive your prize to the bank account.
2. If you want a check, we will bring the check directly to your house.
3. M-PESA is also an option, of course, but there will be fees that M-PESA charges to you.

In any case, we will need to ask you to provide us with some form of ID – mainly to verify that you are older than 18 years.

OMG! I have won an amount of KSH 20 million or more

If you have truly struck gold and won one of our top prizes, you’re in good hands! Our customer support will contact you. We will talk you through your options on how to get paid safely. If you do not have a bank account, we will suggest that you set up one and use it to receive your prize.You will then have to come to our company headquarters in Nairobi. We will arrange and pay for transport and accommodation if necessary.

We will have to verify your identity and that you are older than 18 years, and the bank account used for the payment is in your name. Once this is all done, your prize will be in your bank account within 5-8 business days.Naturally, if you win a sizeable amount, we will ask you if we can come by and do an interview with you. If you do not want this, we will understand. But maybe you always wanted to be a star on our Youtube channel? Either way we’ll do a toast to your good fortune!