LottoPawa’s Refer-A-Friend program

If you are a player with a registered account on our website, you can earn additional spins of the Silver Wheel by referring your friends to LottoPawa.

If you have only played via USSD so far, you have to register on our website first. Your phone number is already registered in our system from the USSD purchase.

Just click on “Register” on our website, and enter the same phone number you used to purchase via USSD. Get your one-time password per SMS to confirm your phone number, and set your own password. Your account is now activated, and you can even see all your previous USSD purchases in your account.

Use a tracked link from your account and send it to your friends

In the “My Account” section, there is a link that you can use to send it to friends. You can post that link on social media, send it out via email, you can even send it out via SMS message, etc. That link has a personalized piece of code attached to it. The code makes sure that our sales platform knows that YOU have referred that player so that you get the credit for bringing in that friend.

You should tell your friends that, they too, will get free spins – one for the Silver Wheel simply for signing up, and one spin of the Golden Wheel after they buy their first LottoPawa ticket!

The friend referral only works online – it is important that your friends use the link you sent them to sign up online on our website.
Once they have signed up online, it does not matter if they later buy their ticket online or via USSD. You will get the credit for the referral, no matter how your friend bought his or her first ticket.

Every time one of them signs up with us AND buys a first ticket later, YOU will have earned another bonus spin of the Silver Wheel.

In your customer account, you will be able to see the current status of your friend signups (number of signups, number of first purchases, bonus spins earned, and the number of bonus spins still available to you). In that area, you will see a link to launch the Silver Wheel as well (that link will only work, of course, if you have spins available!).

Every spin of the Silver Wheel gives you the same chance to win the top prize of KSh 50,000.00 or any of the smaller prizes on the wheel.