LottoPawa, Kenya’s largest lottery, has become synonymous with offering people the opportunity to dream big regardless of their location or background. The stories emerging from LottoPawa’s winners showcase the lottery’s potential to catalyze life-altering change. Recently, LottoPawa sponsored a 2-day football tournament in Ruiru that saw 8 teams go head to head with one another till the finals on 20th August 2023. We’re thrilled to share the highlights, match results, player performances, and more, giving you an exclusive peek into the action-packed world of football.

The teams playing were; Ruiru Hotstars, Gatong’ora United, Blackstars, Youngstars, Githura Sportive/ GOA, Springland, Copia Kenya and Kihunguro Youngstars. Ruiru Hotstars played againgst Youngstars and scored 1-0. GOA played against Springland and scored 1-0. Ruiru Hotsars emerged as the winners of the tournament while, Gatong’ora united in second place, with a score of 1-0. Ruiru Hotstars received Ksh,15,000, a trophy and jerseys while Gatong’ora received 10,000 for taking second place, which will help them in pursuit of their dreams.

Moreover, a random draw was held where a lucky winner walked home with Ksh,5,000 after he bought a ticket and participated in a draw.

LottoPawa understands that its impact reaches beyond individual aspirations. With the power to change lives, LottoPawa takes its responsibility seriously. Through various initiatives, LottoPawa contributes to philanthropic causes and community development projects, ensuring that its success is shared with those who may not be direct beneficiaries of the lottery.  From the various draw winners, to the winners of the LottoPawa football tournament, LottoPawa has proven to be a catalyst for turning dreams into tangible realities. The lottery ability to create real, meaningful change has garnered attention and admiration from all corners of society.

LottoPawa’s impact extends beyond the individual winners. It’s a testament to the power of possibilities, a reminder that dreams are worth chasing, and that sometimes, all it takes is a single ticket to change one’s life forever.

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