Comparing the different lotteries available in Kenya

There is more than one lottery available in Kenya, both online and offline, but have you actually compared what they offer? Well, we did, and after careful examination, we decided that LottoPawa was going to be different.

One thing we did not like at all about our competition was the fact that they are mostly kind of intransparent about the things that actually count, such as how much you can win, and what the probabilities of winning are. Some lotteries hide that type of information deep in their small print – not exactly a good sign, right?

At LottoPawa, that info is easily accessible, for example here on the page where we posted a list of the winning tiers.

But even more importantly, have you noticed how all those lotteries advertise pretty big top prizes, like KSh 50 million, 100 million, or even 200 million at the top of their websites? Looks nice, right? But then, if you look closely, you find out that a regular ticket at a price of KSh 50 can only win a fraction of that top prize. Actually, to win the full prize as advertised, you have to set the price for your ticket to KSh 1000! 

But then, most players do not even realize that. We, on the other hand, find that this is not a good concept. So on LottoPawa, every ticket costs the same prize of KSh 60. And every ticket can win the full KSh 200 million, or the second tier of KSh 20 million. You do not have to spend KSh 1000 to win that grand prize.

Now let’s compare the payouts of LottoPawa against the other brands

Comparing them all is a bit difficult, but let me give you just two examples:

Example number 1: Let’s look at one of the oldest lotteries in Kenya (for obvious reasons, we cannot name them here). They have a structure similar to LottoPawa, namely 6 out of 49 (but no additional number like the Pawa number). So the probability of actually matching 6 out of 49 numbers on your ticket is the same as for LottoPawa’s second prize tear.
But while LottoPawa pays a prize of KSh 20 million when you match 6 out of 49 with your 60 bob lottery ticket, that other lottery pays you only 25,000 times the price of your ticket.

So if you had spent KSh 60 on a ticket there, you would win KSh 1.5 million there, while on LottoPawa, you would have won KSh 20 million. In both cases, you paid the same amount of money for your lottery ticket, and the mathematical chances of success are exactly the same!

Example number 2: Take a look at the smaller prizes you can win. You will find that even those smaller prizes are higher when you play LottoPawa. As a matter of fact, in one of the other lotteries (the most popular one), for the main draw with the largest prize they are offering, there are no other winning tiers, except for the top prize! Which means that, if you have only 4 or 5 numbers right, you win nothing at all!

At LottoPawa, we have no less than 8 prize tiers, and to win the lowest prizes of KSh 200, you only have to match three main numbers of the draw, or two main numbes and the Pawa number.


We suggest that you take a close look at the lotteries you consider playing. As you will clearly see, you are getting much better value for your money from buying a LottoPawa ticket, compared to any other lottery on the Kenyan market.